FlexiShop ecommerce, sell online.

FlexiShop ecommerce, sell online.

FlexiShop ecommerce, sell online.

FlexiShop, your online store. Sell online – ecommerce solutions.

The easiest solution for start your shop online.
FlexiShop is an ecommerce system. With FlexiShop, you can easily create your shop online and sell your products or services.

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Article from : 27/07/2020 06:22 - Last update : 19/03/2023 07:46

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What is it ?

FlexiShop is an ecommerce system. With FlexiShop, you can easily create your shop online and sell your products or services.

FlexiShop is very flexible. You install only the modules you need. After, you can for example integrate this system to your own website. You can also post your products to Facebook and other social networks, or create a sale email for your contacts. And create your sales funnels.

What can you do ? (examples)

Your catalogMake your catalog : Write your products description sheet with a Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Editor. Add pictures, animations, videos, ... And optimize each product page to search engines like Google (SEO).

catégories produitsAdd categories for your products : Write a menu for classified your different kinds of products. Optimize your catalog

Integrate and shareIntegrate your shop : Integrate your shop into your website. Publish it on social networks. Send sell emails or sell posts to your contacts on Facebook messenger, Zalo, WhatApps, … with sell funnel.

CommandesReceive your orders : Now your shop is ready, let's receive order from your customers. By email or directly in the website.

manage your storeManage your shop : Orders, shipment, bills, payments, ... follow all steps of your selling process from the order to the payment.

follow your clientsFollow your customers : Keep contact with your customers, follow their activities on the website. Check their orders, the deliveries, the bills, the payments. Send them messages, organize loyalty operations.

online paymentReceive payment : Receive the payment from your customer. Cash at delivery, bank system, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, or other payment systems.

statisticsFollow your stats : Check your statistics for understand your customer. Where they live ? What products they find on your website ? What products they bought or not ? And many more useful information.


Additional Services for your Ecommerce Website

Hosting, Domain name, Maintenance, security, data storage, …

A custom template (a personal design according to your business and your graphic identity).

Newsletter, booking system, blog, sell funnel … we can install or make other modules according to your needs.


The price will depends of your needs and the modules we will have to install


Ask your free detail quote for make your shop online


and start to sell online.



You can trust to our expertise for your website, onlineshop, eCommerce and web Marketing .

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