12 social networks for your presence online


12 social networks for your presence online

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The importance of social networks for your communication is well established. For this first part about to these, we will give an overview of the most important networks. We will then be able to further explore those who best fit your communication strategy.

The 12 website and services we selected for your social network strategy  : 


1 - Facebook

Originally intended for students, it quickly became a generalist and popular network affecting all generations and all social strata. With 2,27 billions active users monthly (March 2019), it's the most important social network. 65 millions of business pages and 6 million advertisers use this platform to promote their business.

Facebook accept all type of medias : images, photos, videos, animations, stories, lives, ... it is important to know how to target your audience and how to optimize your ads to be able to be visible in the mass.

2 - WeChat QQ and Qzone

We have grouped together the 3 platforms of the Chinese giant Tercent. QQ like WeChat are both instant messengers and social networks. You can stream your content there: photos, videos, and even listen to music. QQ was launched in 1999 as an instant messenger, Qzone is its social extension where users can develop their profile and post photos and other media. With the arrival of mobile applications, Tercent its owner launched WeChat to complete its offer. Although WeChat is now more popular than its big brother, QQ remains an interesting medium given its still active user base. WeChat is considered to be a medium with great potential for marketing and m-commerce.

The first version of QQ dates from Febuary 1999. It's now more than 861 millions active users montly. 
Qzone launched in 2005, it now represents 632 million monthly active users.
WeChat dates from January 2011 and represents 1,06 billions active users monthly. 

3 - YouTube

Sharing video network, You can create your own channel for your brand, your company or your products. Your videos can be commented and also share in other platform. Youtube is also the most important search engin after Google, so this network is also very important for your SEO. 

YouTube has 1.9 billion users monthly. One billion hours of video is watched every day on this platform.

4 - Instagram

Instagram is a social network for share your photos and videos. You can create a business account for your company or your brands. So you can promote your products and your brand. No option for share is inclus in the platform, but you can post (or re-post) the content your want share.

Instagram was launch in October 2010, it's own by Facebook since 2012. il has one billion active users per month.

5- Tumblr

This is a microblogging platform, mean it's suitable for short publications. You can post your messages, photos, pictures, videos, links and audios files. You can create your own space, then create your content, follow some other contents, share contents that intests you, propose your own content to other users, do some search into the network.

Tumblr was launched in Febuary 2007, it's now 642 millions users monthly. It's own by Oath, the Yahoo parent company.

6 - Tik Tok

It is the application which progresses the most this last year. In just 3 years, it already has more than 500 million users. A young audience who share short, often musical videos. Large brands like Coca-Cola or others more modest have already experimented with this medium with success.

Launched in 2016, Tik Tok have already 500 millions active user per month.

7 - Sina Weibo

It's a microblogging network, like Twitter. But here,users can also create their own page and post their own information. This platform like Twitter is widely used for follow news and debatte.

Sina Weibo is born in August 2009, and nowaday 392 millions active users every month. 

8 - Reddit

On Reddit, people can post their links, share, comment, ask questions, and vote for posts. Bookmarks are sorted by categories. You can submit your content, participate in discussions, and promote your brand. It's also a good way to find ideas. The audience of this social network is essentially American.

Reddit it's launched in 2005, it's now 330 millions active users monthly.

9 - Twitter

It is an instant news network: sports, politics, entertainment, ... You can post your messages (short limited to 280 characters called tweets), but also photos and videos. The tweets are then re-shared (retweeted). Many tools exist to help you to find topics, keywords, find trends, etc ... This makes it a valuable tool for your online marketing.

Twitter it's launched in March 2006, it's now 335 millions active users monthly.

10 - Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network for finding ideas, discovering new things. The principle is to pin the products, places, ideas ... that interest you. You group your pins by themes on boards. Pinterest privileges the visual. Its potential for e-commerce is very important.

Pinterest was launched in March 2010, it's 250 millions active usuers monthly. 

11 - LinkedIn

It is a social network for professionals. With Lindedin, you can find new contacts for your business, get some informations about companies. It is the ideal platform for professional networking, find suppliers, partners, job offers, information about your markets, ... You can create a page with your profile and also a page for you company. 

LinkedIn was created in 2003, it's now 294 millions active users monthly. Since 2016, it's own by Microsoft.

12 - Baidu Tieba

It's a forum where users can creates sub-forums and post contents. It's available only in Chinesse. 

Baidu Tieba was been launched in 2003, it has 300 million monthly active users. 

and more :

Snapchat 255 millions active users per month. 166 millions every days.

VKontakte the "russian Facebook" was been launched in 2006, it boasts 100 million active users worldwide. 

More with FlexiSite

Social networks will be very useful to optimize your online presence, improve your image, find new customers, ....  Of course, you will need to set up a communication strategy, target networks that match to your business. FlexiSite is there to advise you, and provide you with tools that allow you to make the best use of social networks and to make the most of them.


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